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"Dragon Century: The Origin of" Game of the background forces Posts


"Memory in the vast expanse of our land, rolling mountains stretching across the back to frost. Thaig (dwarves?) The amount of funding. When Kal-Sharok is our capital city, inhabited by noble businessmen, Orzammar only shelter the miners and blacksmiths class between. after the arrival of all the Tevinter empire began to change. Paragon Garal to right center to start Orzammar care with outside business activities. then look at our nation seems to usher in a new era of prosperity. We call this understanding of human behavior for the same trade and currency exchange, return them to us in the ground unable to obtain the wealth: grain and timber, and so on.

For closely and to the darkspawn (dark product of) our memory does not give any explanation, just wondering. darkspawn so suddenly appeared in front of us. They are like smoke, like the constant flood of our underground holes, the soldiers struggling to come forward to resist. Countless thaig in that first Blight (dry tide) in forever. But as before, at that moment, the rise of a Paragon shocked. Paragon Aeducan Orzammar led the battle to defend, we risk from extinction survived.

A very heavy price for victory. In order to prevent the threat of darkspawn underground tunnel is closed, thaig with all the cities was never blocked. Only Orzammar solitude retention, it is stretching the Thedas underground had the last bastion of the old empire. Dwarf Since then devastated, but we survived. "


Ostagar Tevinter castle is an ancient imperial expedition to south-east of wilderness within reach of the most distant, also south of the empire to resist, "wake up the sea," offensive defense forces in one of the most important. Korcari it stands at the edge of the wilderness, always monitors who today are called Chasind Nanban any transaction. towering peaks, of which only a trail crossing, the barbarians who wish to invade northern lowlands would have to cross the Ostagar castle, which man guards the pass, 10,000 Fumo open terrain have proved that will be extremely difficult. and then stacked, as the South, like many imperial castle, Ostagar in Tevinter Empire was defeated after the first wave withered away, followed by Chasind southern barbarian succeeded in this glorious castle ransacked. In the end, the contemporary charges Chasind Nanban Rui Erdeng national threat reduction, Ostagar eventually became a wasteland.

It ruins silently and alone retained four centuries, only a few walls still stands, as the fate of the tower as Ishal - the latter ordered the construction of the same name it The Exorcist. Ostagar magic power is still regarded as ancient glory The last relics.

The Blight blight tide

Church admonished the world, it is human arrogance to Darkspawn into our world. Shamans who coveted the power of heaven, but was eventually exiled, to be its own corruption distorted form of the final return to the monster died - the first Darkspawn here forming. they are like a plague-like dwarves kingdom was invaded and occupied caves and underground channels. When they found the residence of one of the ancient gods, ancient underground sleeping dragon will be the wake-up. dragon incarnation of devil recovery and lead Darkspawn such as locust terms of its extensive cover on the general trend toward the surface, the extermination of all the creatures along the way: namely dry tide. since the last dry tidal campaign has four centuries, but now, Darkspawn played again gathered strength.

Grey Wardens Huiyi Guardian

Soldiers of the elite, the enemy's nightmare mind. Huiyi promise to be the guardian of all human territories in Darkspawn total destruction. Centuries of peace on earth they are almost forgotten. Huiyi natural guardian of Seoul but vigilant, closely monitoring well aware of the peace has quietly widened and, unless the different ancient god was removed, the enemy will never be truly defeated.

Red Cliff

Stands in the West Bank of the Red Cliff Calenhad Lake Village, is a towering pink cliffs around its named after. Climbed up a path through the villages of the hill, straight across the suspension bridge over the island, Red Cliff Castle on situated here, its history goes far beyond the village itself. Until Alamarri family before the castle had been guarding the cream from the back mountains of the arteries leading to Orlais.

It is in this, Avvar mountain passage into the eastern lowlands, need to rein in the imperial castle, to Ferelden commanded the troops occupied the whole territory. This is a tough place, because the Red Cliff were very simple, they are the first line of defense as the ancient Ferelden responsibility and pride. As mentioned by famous local "mountains here as hard as steel, where people have a reinforced steel frame," which are all convinced.

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