Sunday, March 13, 2011

Improve drawing speed SOLIDWORKS

With the popularization of computers and increasing computer performance, an increasing number of engineering and technical personnel in mechanical design work has taken a three-dimensional design software, such as Pro / ENGINEER, UG, SolidWorks, MDT, which improved the working efficiency, shorten the product development cycle. But most beginners because of insufficient familiarity with the software, without the use of techniques to master the software, resulting in efficiency is not high. Beginners often use the top menu on the screen and along the drop-down menu one level, they need to find the command, so using relatively simple, way of thinking will enable beginners to gradually adapt to the computer works, but the drawback is obvious : time, effort, cost eye. Therefore, the CAD software used to master certain skills, to improve the speed of CAD software for drawing is very useful.

SolidWorks 3D design software now to, for example, talk about how to improve drawing speed and efficiency.

First, define shortcut keys

Through years of experience using SolidWorks software, we feel the best way to improve the speed of drawing hands and brain to share hands with one hand and the keyboard, mouse hand movement. SolidWorks software is commonly used commands (such as the new, open, save, print, etc.) has a corresponding combination of the basic keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts through these combinations can be directly related to the implementation of the order. However, these commonly used commands in the drawing process is often not very common. We can use SolidWorks software to customize keyboard features, the drawing process in order to define frequently used, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1, the Customize dialog box

I use SolidWorks software in the process, according to their habits, summarize a set of easy to use and easy to remember, effective shortcuts and specific settings shown in Table 1.

Table 1, the shortcut keys can be defined personal habits, as long as easy to remember to use on it. Shortcut keys used to be cooked, you will find in the drawing, there is little or essentially no longer use the menu, which greatly reduces the time and distance of mouse movement, so that the drawing speed is improved.

Second, customize their own templates

SolidWorks software provides many standard templates. But most businesses are based on the company's need to customize their own standard templates. When your template is set up, how to fill in the title bar of the relevant information? With "Notes" command one by one fill, so of course, but in product design know that, in product development and design process, the parts of the shape and material structure based on product needs and requirements of processing technology to change at any time , and this requires drawing the title bar of the weight, materials and other information have changed. With "Notes" fill in the contents of the command is not part models and associated attribute set up so that will always be a mark of engineering drawings and information does not match the actual components, to produce the inconvenience. Can not be drawing the title bar of the information and properties of the part model establish a link between what? The answer is yes. Specific practices are as follows:
1. First establish a component model, in its properties to add relevant information, such as "name, material, weight, quantity, notes," and other information, as shown in Figure 2, then save it.

Figure 2 Properties dialog box

2. Open a your own custom drawing template. Select "Edit drawing format" in the title bar, fill the corresponding position of the relevant content, and set the font and size. And select each of the elements, Property Manager in the left select "text format" in the "Connect to the property" icon, a "link to the Properties" dialog box, shown in Figure 3, select the "specified property from the drawing model "in the drop-down list box, select the appropriate item. After all links to be returned to the "Edit drawing" mode.

Figure 3 Link to the Properties dialog box

3. From the "File" menu, select "Save drawing format" command, in the pop-up dialog box "Save drawing format" select "user drawing format", then choose "Browse (B) ...", shown in Figure 4, in "Save As" dialog box, enter the appropriate name, and click "Save." Thus, the template to complete the relevant link building.

Figure 4 Drawing Format dialog box Save

When the next call to this template, components model attribute information is automatically inserted into the title bar, when the attribute information of the part model changes, the title bar of the relevant information will also be automatically updated, which can greatly improve the speed of drawing .

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Women sell the same as PPG

Younger Group was established in 1979, China's production and sales of shirts and suits have been occupied areas of the industry leading position.

PPG since 2005 Men's shirts cut into the field of direct marketing in 2007, PPG's men's shirt sales market share almost equal to Younger.

In 2007, the clothing e-commerce surging hot money, many clothing brands to open up direct sales network. "It's like PPG to sell clothes as" a dream of many garment enterprises.

C2C and B2C in the field of selling online is the hottest top five commodities are: fashionable clothes, accessories accessories, luggage shoes and hats, skin care cosmetics, underwear products. Clothing doing my part to sit tight in the Internet selling products first.

Couple of years ago, many people believe that the high degree of standardization of products more suitable for online sales. Including many marketing industry observers have VANCL through PPG's success drew a conclusion similar to men's shirts that high standardization of clothing more suitable for Internet sales.

In fact, we see that changing styles, trendy, fashionable clothing for men and women in the network but is selling the hottest.

As a result, many programs for young entrepreneurs through the business Taobao chosen as the starting point to clothing sales. Another force might be online sales of clothing far-reaching implications, it is cut into the traditional e-commerce retail clothing business.

Yuan in mid-April 2008 "broke seven", the export tax rebate reduction, labor and raw material costs, the subprime crisis led to shrinkage of garment exports, many people with "winter clothing" to describe the survival of the current status of garment enterprises. This situation forced the domestic apparel production and distribution network of wholesale and retail enterprises to expand the marketing channels.

"The first clothes" ( e-commerce platform in this context is on-line operations. "The first clothing" is the direct sales platform for women's fashion apparel, ladies Square, across the board selling 18 brand apparel products. "Women like PPG to sell the same" is the "first suit" platform operating goals and ideals.

According to the "first suit" for the provision of information can be known, "the first suit" platform just on the line less than a month, in the absence of large scale advertising through the bedding, the day has generated double-digit orders.

This article, "Women like PPG to sell as" the main ideas expressed are two: First, is not highly standardized products or standardized dress to large-scale online sales; second, when the clothing products like PPG, as only a few simple models and color specifications, when, how to sell?

From traditional sales channels can be seen, especially for women's fashion apparel category, many small clothing store is to take delivery of the main channel. This also explains why so many Taobao clothing stores to share so much demand for clothing purchased at the same time, this platform can be brought together so many, very unique, personalized clothing.

Women's platform independent network of direct sales is one of the typical examples of the successful U.S. GAP. GAP Women, while not only sell, but product line system where we can see the emphasis on women's tilt.

In fact, women's fashion apparel online sales channel with the traditional nature of the essential meaning of women's sales are the same, that is a new, faster, and more. Popular new product line update fast style style variety. This is an independent network of direct sales platform for women's three principles must be followed.

"Women like PPG to sell the same" is not a dream, not the nature of e-commerce standardization. In particular, the nature of retail e-commerce and traditional business quite close. If the clothing business online under the Women can sell out large-scale, then, in accordance with the current trends in the development of online shopping, perhaps soon, we can see that one as "PPG to sell ladies as" e-commerce platform appear. (ProBIZ electric provider observation)