Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cottage in China

The end of 2008, when the "cottage" is vague and ambiguous words suddenly became popular. First cottage phone to mobile phone looks exactly like Western brands and an incredible cheap to go from village to village, selling in China. And then the cottage flat panel TV, notebook cottage, to the cottage network drama, cottage network ...... a happy time, and the Divine everywhere "cottage." Flaunt the grassroots spirit and rebellious spirit behind the Chinese traditional culture and modern lakes Pirates combination of business culture gave birth to a hybrid approach to a challenge to demonstrate their concept of intellectual property digestion and original sense of the real mockery. From October 2005 to become the national strategy of independent innovation, China's business by 2008 popular "cottage" is a Chinese enterprise is traveled this difficult road of innovation in a highly symbolic portrayal.

For example, we are very familiar with the manufacturing of the smile curve, Chinese enterprises in global value chain position, in general, depend on our company's product research and development capabilities and brand marketing capabilities. Brand marketing on the three state can use "quality, taste and character," to summarize, first, reliable performance and quality, then design and technology, the last representative of the spirit of modern business ethics never exceed the business. However, in China, the brand marketing has become the business use of consumer information asymmetry and irrational way of thinking to mislead and deceive consumers, and various forms of so-called "marketing innovation." Opened a business magazine, full of thousands of people side of the marketing plan the company's advertising, and the reform and opening up have been active around the "ideas company" achieving the same. Unfortunately, there is no "quality, taste and character" as a basis, no matter how comprehensive look "marketing innovation", has been burst, the brand will be worthless.

Compared with the brand innovation, research and innovation capacity is a more basic, no product-based brand innovation is built on sand tower, mission impossible, sooner or later be exposed to exaggerated or even unworthy of the name of truth. But look at R & D innovation, the huge one China, but there is hardly a bright spot. Homogeneous competition everywhere due to a piece of blood, not to mention the radical innovation, construction innovation, and even examples of incremental innovation is not easy to find. Export-oriented industries as 2 (R & D and marketing) from home, used their hands instead of brain to make money, perhaps a time to change, however; but very strange is that many of the inward-looking industry for the Chinese market is also generally seem to lose a down to earth, starting from the customers and consumers the ability to think. Piracy has become righteous, original transformed into the cottage, The prevalence of almost the whole of China should become a cottage version of the United States or Europe will stop.

A cultural planners told me privately, many areas of business, and doing business in China, or do not engage in any more insurance, a number of innovations, what are popular abroad, especially popular in China, will normally . Under the tide of globalization, most people in the loss of self, loss of identity, loss of self-confidence to not even know what the situation, what we talk about innovation? Perhaps this is the kind of shortage of the past 30 years we did not choose Way of the chase style modernization process, had to pay a painful price? further, Such an bow pull cart, do not look up the road temporarily to set aside the direction of the practice problems, perhaps we are faced with another huge gap between the objective When a last resort?

Achieve any goal, the price is always a certain degree unavoidable, the key is how to make the minimum to avoid unnecessary costs. Cf a phase of modernization of the West and the default target, at all costs, against all odds to advance following the lead of this CD-chase style modernization limitations, many people have begun to recognize the. We certainly do not go to the other extreme, back to the kind of things are within us, what our ancestors have, and what better than other conservative mindset and mental preparedness. This kind of mentality we take the initiative looks very stressed, but in essence is a kind of weak, loser, self-victim mentality. We need to do is stop the process of chasing, carefully think about these we would have to think about the question: where to go its own in the end, goals need to adjust; how to reach that goal, whether there is a variety of ways ; how to choose a least cost way to avoid turning back; and so on.

How to find a road of independent innovation, not just technology-related, not a noble character, it is impossible to have a good expert, not through history, culture and ideas of a broad humanistic perspective, and we alone will be hard to expect the technical depth, a riding driving into the distance. Independent innovation of Chinese enterprises are also more than just the problem, no education, science and technology, and cultural innovations such as deep-seated reform of Support, 涓?柟闈?no way we emphasize the humanistic heritage relying unable to inheritance, Lingyifangmian, independent innovation of enterprises will also loss of reserves and strategic depth of knowledge. A long period of time, most of our companies will continue to plague the bottom in the global value chain, no how. The reason is very simple, not the United States, the success of research universities, there will be across the ocean waves from the new technology wave; not France, Italy and splendid Renaissance, there would be these countries is almost the number of money sitting in the luxury industry; not Japanese culture, Japanese education team's proven, there would be Toyota's Japanese manufacturing miracle. China's reform and opening up 30 years in the economic sector, the business community for 30 years of tremendous change cheered when, educational, scientific and cultural remains monolithic, unwittingly, has become the most difficult to break through the old system, a strong fortress. Their enterprise level innovation support weak, Chinese companies will sooner or later, the Chinese economy into a bottomless abyss



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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wubi VS Pinyin input method with which you are good match?

鈪? Pinyin? Or five strokes?

Not the best input method, only the right. The following amount from the learning, memory capacity, thinking capacity and costs for the four eyes of the amount of Pinyin and Wubi your strengths and weaknesses.

First, learning capacity

1, five strokes to the practical level, 30 words per minute, may have to practice a week on average, right?

Can only be roughly estimated in the order of magnitude, because for most people, should not be a day or a month.

2, Pinyin, largely brought on with the original learned Pinyin.

Second, the memory capacity

1, Wubi

鈶?Wubi root on a larger memory capacity.

Many people did not learn Wubi, Wubi is the root to be intimidated. Only 26 letters in English so difficult to learn on, Wubi root more than 100, this is not the tear drop Well, who would learn ah? In sum, five strokes have larger memory capacity.

鈶?Wubi split, in theory, see Separation of Chinese characters, no memory capacity.

However, as practice for darts as typing, playing more, naturally fingers "muscle memory", playing some of the words did not react when the mind and fingers have to hit them out. At this time, Wubi is not split out, and also "remember" in China. And, so just learning Wubi, the split did not understand for some people is a word for word to remember the five-stroke code, so a larger memory capacity.

Even if not one by rote, because the structural complexity of Chinese characters, some split the forced unification requires a certain amount of memory, even can play all the GB even GBK Chinese characters, can not deny this.

鈶?somewhat similar to playing Wubi write, to write Chinese characters on a memory of "reproduction" process.

That is, the fight there, "cover", which must be brain "representation" that "cover" what kind of character to call back. (Of course, the memory of "reproduction" process is sometimes removed or replaced. For example, there may have beaten the word must fight too familiar, "finger memory" words directly to the "reflection" came out, that is, not thought shape, fingers have to want to do word play out.)

Although the spelling should be "know" about to break out of character, which is desired, but that memory of "recognition" process, memory capacity than the "reproduction" is much smaller.

2, spelling, memory, very small.

Third, thinking capacity

1, Wubi, as stated above, see Separation of Chinese characters, split need to think, not the formation of "finger memory" the reflected words, must "think" about how to split.

That is, Wubi typing, requires a certain amount of thinking, especially when not familiar with Wubi, chat with other people while the real thing, may Touyunnaozhang leg cramps, for thinking the first larger.

2, spelling, thinking capacity almost to 0.

4, charge up eye

Amount of fees eyes, tired eyes, that means make to what extent.

1, Wubi, friends, and can Mangda. Less skilled friends, playing together is not really that tired eyes, because Wubi little weight codes.

2, Pinyin, a lot of weight code words and phrases are also a lot of weight codes. Fight very tired eyes.

Maybe you did not read the alphabet how users typing the manuscript in front, at the beginning, you will find, My God, this is not playing is not too slow spelling it! But over the 10 minutes, look at pinyin users, vertigo, and almost no way to play, and speed plummeted.

V. Summary

1, than the Pinyin Wubi disadvantage in many ways.

Wubi is a very bother fighting activities, including learning Wubi this accumulation, a larger memory than to consider the amount is not small, the three brain process is used.

2, Wubi only one obvious advantage than the alphabet. "Provincial eyes"! Can greatly save eyesight.

This shows that people are not afraid of fees brain, the word "fees eyes." (This is not the white pull it! Human brain than the eyes, of course, a big and strong! O_o)

(The original forum had friends said, his students have only to play smart ABC Pinyin word, because the feeling that the order of a fixed phonetic word play more peace of mind. I do not believe has been, is not the letter, from the heart drops do not believe that! Now I see a quote, AhMan teacher said he is for peace of mind, has been with a Pinyin input method, a fixed sequence of phonetic word play. I had to give YOU! believed! can thoroughly served!)

鈪? Pinyin input method and vocabulary, how to improve efficiency?

The following is a thesaurus used in the selection of high-frequency words, word order and arranged by word frequency level of the lexicon of the case were compared.

First, phonetic dictionary to be large, as much as possible to achieve "fighting words do not type" phrase instead of words can be used where, instead of on the use of the phrase.

Phonetic code phrase for the heavy amount of weight code words than the amount of phonetic, much smaller, much, much more ... ...

Second, it Yaoda words, and words not commonly used, the use of "word character set" function to assist.

For example: Purple Pinyin fight there, "Guo", if the word's spelling alone hit "guo", not only re-CDMA, and "Guo" word is not too common, do not know what a few pages in it. So you can turn to play the phrase "xingguo surnamed Guo," then a "Guo" word, and then point "]" button, put current the "surname Guo," a phrase the last word, "Guo" to output a.

Similarly, the fight there, "Jing", do not fool non-playing "jing" is not. Turn to play "jingkang Jingkang", then "[" key, the "Humiliation" the first word of the phrase "Jing" to output a.

Namely: "to the word given the word" is a deformation of the use of "fighting words do not type" rule.

3, did not commonly used words, but they used their own, or in this article should be used, how to solve?

1, Automatic FM. Played, "Guo" word, and the article and must fight there are many, "Guo" word play, well, "Guo" code word re-location of the former tune, so to find them much faster, right?

- Increase the problem: let word order changes, already have no intention to "remember" the order, then disappeared, had to be more "cost eye."

2, Automatic word. As mentioned earlier, played "Guo", "Jing", the still often playing the "Guo Jing," the word, input word on automatically as the system has to write down a phrase. So much more convenient.

- Increase the problem: weight code more, more "cost eye."

Increase the "intelligent" ability to organize sentences.

Corresponding examples:

1, intelligent crazy fight. To a few hundred M, can not believe this can not let the Pinyin input method "intelligent" organized by the sentence, allowing the user has entered, and knock spelling on the line, the work of the Organization sentence, so do input.

How effective? Do not know, because they do not know where to run smart crazy fight went.

2, Microsoft Pinyin. Not engage in extreme hundreds of M, but not small. Effect is that the sentence did not "intelligent" and organized, and kept the extremely complex phrases commonly used to turn up, and make people depressed.

3, the other a desire to "intelligent" organization of sentences, some unknown Pinyin input method.

4, to pursue the "intelligence" of the purple Pinyin. If we fail to recognize this and recognize the more "intelligent Lenovo sentence," the more confused. Only let you play on words within 12 words and phrases. Tell the user, playing alphabet should also be honest, the phrase commonly used to fight one by one, by word frequency to hit us most frequent words, so that your typing speed will come up.

Purple Pinyin, as downloads the most, the highest rating Pinyin input method, it appears at this point is to think very clear.

V. Summary

1, "alphabet too much weight codes," which is the Pinyin input method, can not fundamentally solve the problem.

2, to a certain way, try to avoid "over-weight code alphabet," the "natural moat" is a compromise to ease the conflict. Such as: "as far as possible without typing the word play", "to the word given the word."

3, some methods will increase the other hand, the contradiction. Such as "Automatic Frequency" will make people more cost eye.

If you just use a Pinyin input method, use the "Automatic Frequency" to make it their own terms commonly used in front. This is reasonable. However, if has been a "run-in period" still open "automatic FM," may only be "a waste of eyesight," the.

Editor's note: the following about Wubi, nothing to do with Pinyin, for reference Wubi users. After the "eyes fast as fast chips," "fast as fast chips Heart" and "1000 strokes would be cooked as a move" brilliant thesis.

鈪? the ideal of Wubi users.

Best Wubi users:

Are using very large dictionary, thesaurus which word order is based on word frequency, adjust well, and word order for all well aware of the user, playing the word to direct "the play that they think" .

Only, the size of the thesaurus, only such a user?

(In the end there is no such user, and if so, the proportion of the total number of users?)

We may wish to ask yourself to see how the actual situation is like?

- 100,000 phrases thesaurus, you can write it down all right?

- How, no, impossible?

... ...

- 7 million?

... ...

- 4 million?

... ...

- 1 million?

... ...

- Does not it, brother?! Your vocabulary with 10,000 recorded phrase none of the whole sequence? Wubi how you learn?

... ...

- Wubi all the words, GB part only 6 more than 1000, will play right?

... ...

- So, what is generally expected, per capita total understanding four thousand Chinese characters, you can play you?

... ...

- No? That the most commonly used 3000, or even just the most commonly used 2000 words, you can beat it?


- Well, two thousand common words inside, which has two simple code, which has three simple code, all you know? A simple code just to play simple code does not play the whole code, able to do it?

... ...

- That one, weight code word sequence, the total should be remembered, right?

... ...

- Please tell me your five strokes in the end is what proficiency?

2, two simple code word that 500 to all remember, no, sorry, I should say, two simple code that 500 words long, and most had been remembered.

- O_o you this will also called Wubi?

... ... ... ... ... ... Right! This should be called will be a five-stroke, and so on I have been quite familiar with Wubi, and I encountered five strokes, the vast majority, is this level, but higher than other Pinyin users much faster, which is sufficient, but it is not a typist, so many memories there is no need, say, you say a few words what your own five-stroke, as compared to where I strong?

- I ah? ... ... I ... ... ... ... ... ... actually my case ... ... and like you, than you strong ... ...! O_o!


1, the ideal of "Superman" Wubi user memory capacity is indeed rare.

2, large thesaurus why, by the majority of users like Wubi?

鈶?most of Wubi users reality is that only the two most familiar to the simple code, only to this level (remember to be precise, or can be conditioned to a simple majority of two yards).

(Including the author, even if I can play all the GB characters, the situation is that, if the environment is not mandatory, I will be so in my entire life, but the author of five strokes or more fluent to use, because this is the actual situation on the actual needs of the general this level!)

鈶?only familiar to most of the two friends simply code, how fast typing.

Responsiveness of the friends may have found methods. "Can play the phrase as far as possible to play a phrase, to avoid fighting words", such a big point if the thesaurus, then almost all the characters are two simple yards. Like, can play "qtce Bear" Do not hit singles a "cexo Bear" character, this "dog" and "Bear", which seem to have two simple code.

The shape of Chinese characters themselves complex, and, five strokes split the "take big priority" rule, and you will easily see two yards before Wubi.

(Because the first two coding "best" also "the most intuitive." While the latter two codes, but because the memory of the previous code and other reasons, is not so easy to see out.)

Users who encounter a learning Wubi only one day, because my father said, she learned how to access Wubi again. Moreover, Wubi is only two almost simple code word encountered not going to beat the corresponding phrase, then delete the extra characters, but on the level of such five-stroke operation, typing speed of 90 games more words per minute, people sigh, why they did not expect!

3, small vocabulary words by playing the user even if the skilled, why great thesaurus than typing faster?

鈶?theoretical analysis, a small dictionary users or those fighting words, because some of the phrases must fight not to play word into the case, key number, than using a large vocabulary of a friend.

Therefore concluded that a large vocabulary user must type the user than a small vocabulary to effort and fast!

鈶?the actual situation is not the case, then the above inference must have missed other relevant issues.

鈶?deft on hand or eye fast?

Small thesaurus users, typing a few keys the user to do more than the big dictionary. But the dictionary user, because the re-CDMA, the eyes should choose to judge, have watched the efforts, a small dictionary users was flying away the key.

Because the hand quicker than the eye. (If not, then the phonetic users should be able to easily exceed Wubi users.)

鈶?fast chips, or fast heart?

Thesaurus is great, but sometimes see a phrase, or not sure that this phrase is not in the lexicon in the heart of doubt, to judge between the small dictionary users, already flying keys away.

Because the hand faster than the heart.

鈶?In summary, "thousands of strokes a move would be better cooked!" (Fast chips, because strokes less!)

Users can only familiar with the thousands of words word, small vocabulary user, you can only know (say) less than 10,000 phrases (actually used will be less, perhaps only a few thousand). Also, be familiar with only a "reflection", not "split", met with the word "reflection" a word, even a word, the longer will be the next word until all "reflection" so far. Then, a small dictionary users, you need to do is just to "rest time" to increase the "reflection" proficiency.

The large vocabulary user, in the "rest time" internal do? Remember the order of tens of thousands of phrases, familiar with the situation of several ten thousand kinds of separation. Want to complete the impossible task, or, in the efforts to complete a "cost" not high "art"!

4, should the word order all the optimization, or the reunification of the previous word?

As mentioned above, consider:

鈶?Who for? Users can not achieve the lexicon's "a simple code does not play the whole code," the state?

鈶?how efficient? Memory word order of the time, if the words used in practice to play, the effect would be better?

鈶?practical how? Memory of thousands of characters more realistic, or remember the order of tens of thousands of words more practical, or memory, "tens of thousands of words + word" after "all the optimization of word order" real?

5, the solution:

鈶?do not want to change the status quo. You should use a large vocabulary, all the characters as two simple code to use phrases instead of playing as much as possible to play words. Key practice split reaction, rather than typing reflex. (This is not tired hand.)

Corresponding vocabulary: word order optimized version of a large vocabulary (re-code level to less cost for the degree of eye), easy to play and watch most of Wubi users.

鈶?want to change the status quo. Under the new practice vocabulary, common vocabulary, also a 2000, more than familiar with the thesaurus to be easy to handle tens of thousands of more words to play, but later if you wish, and then gradually add a small amount can be real to spend the phrase. Is mainly due to fighting words, of course, the first word. Typing practice focused reflection, rather than split reaction. (This is not tired eyes and heart.)

Corresponding vocabulary: words in the former version of the small vocabulary (or single character), to facilitate Mangda skilled with Wubi. (Such a thesaurus as now rare, and strange.)

鈶?other types of vocabulary and ideas, not too much to consider in future because


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