Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Got hit by Baidu PPC

Businesses pay the fee, will be able to keyword search top hits --- "PPC" Baidu has been to the core business model, and be steady in operation for many years, has recently been struck by Interrogation .

Tangshan crown Jue Baidu PPC because of dissatisfaction with a lawyer to apply to the SAIC launched antitrust investigations against Baidu, known as "Internet the first antitrust case."

The rival Google in a timely manner, "a foot" and openly criticized the "China's search engine" lack of impartiality by business interests around the search results.

Baidu attacked front and rear, struggling to cope. Baidu executives are striving to maintain the PPC innocence: "The recent spate of accusations against Baidu is clearly the result of some competitors, malicious speculation."

Impartiality can be discussed, too far-fetched accusations monopoly

Li Changqing submitted in the "anti-monopoly investigation application", the reporter saw three issues of its request for all the "anti-monopoly law" or not. However, the "anti-monopoly law," only eight chapters 57 general requirement, can be described as very "streamlined." In the details have not yet brought into force, similar to the search engine technology to bring these new problems that the application of the law, are not yet, if simply "extensive" legal provisions to be pigeon-holing on too far-fetched.

And Li Changqing has also revealed that the SAIC has not received a non-filing the anti-monopoly office to confirm. PPC event outcome is still unknown.

However, this incident also reflects the profit model search engine dilemma. In the current environment, Internet companies, if not occupied, "one of the best" status, survival would be very difficult, including Robin Li of Baidu led search site Alibaba team led by Ma and Jason Jiang of Focus Media and other hands. From the "Internet Lab" published "Chinese high-tech antitrust investigation report" shows that in the 37 "anti-monopoly blacklist" in Baidu, Google, Taobao all on the list. If a single dominant market position in Baidu search on the ruling as a "monopoly", apparently lost in arbitrary.

In a way, "Antimonopoly Law" is the anti-monopoly act, not the monopolistic market position. Baidu PPC business model is reasonable, it hurt the integrity of information, which can be discussed, but the rush to the monopoly of Baidu wear hats, but inevitably far-fetched.

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