Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cottage in China

The end of 2008, when the "cottage" is vague and ambiguous words suddenly became popular. First cottage phone to mobile phone looks exactly like Western brands and an incredible cheap to go from village to village, selling in China. And then the cottage flat panel TV, notebook cottage, to the cottage network drama, cottage network ...... a happy time, and the Divine everywhere "cottage." Flaunt the grassroots spirit and rebellious spirit behind the Chinese traditional culture and modern lakes Pirates combination of business culture gave birth to a hybrid approach to a challenge to demonstrate their concept of intellectual property digestion and original sense of the real mockery. From October 2005 to become the national strategy of independent innovation, China's business by 2008 popular "cottage" is a Chinese enterprise is traveled this difficult road of innovation in a highly symbolic portrayal.

For example, we are very familiar with the manufacturing of the smile curve, Chinese enterprises in global value chain position, in general, depend on our company's product research and development capabilities and brand marketing capabilities. Brand marketing on the three state can use "quality, taste and character," to summarize, first, reliable performance and quality, then design and technology, the last representative of the spirit of modern business ethics never exceed the business. However, in China, the brand marketing has become the business use of consumer information asymmetry and irrational way of thinking to mislead and deceive consumers, and various forms of so-called "marketing innovation." Opened a business magazine, full of thousands of people side of the marketing plan the company's advertising, and the reform and opening up have been active around the "ideas company" achieving the same. Unfortunately, there is no "quality, taste and character" as a basis, no matter how comprehensive look "marketing innovation", has been burst, the brand will be worthless.

Compared with the brand innovation, research and innovation capacity is a more basic, no product-based brand innovation is built on sand tower, mission impossible, sooner or later be exposed to exaggerated or even unworthy of the name of truth. But look at R & D innovation, the huge one China, but there is hardly a bright spot. Homogeneous competition everywhere due to a piece of blood, not to mention the radical innovation, construction innovation, and even examples of incremental innovation is not easy to find. Export-oriented industries as 2 (R & D and marketing) from home, used their hands instead of brain to make money, perhaps a time to change, however; but very strange is that many of the inward-looking industry for the Chinese market is also generally seem to lose a down to earth, starting from the customers and consumers the ability to think. Piracy has become righteous, original transformed into the cottage, The prevalence of almost the whole of China should become a cottage version of the United States or Europe will stop.

A cultural planners told me privately, many areas of business, and doing business in China, or do not engage in any more insurance, a number of innovations, what are popular abroad, especially popular in China, will normally . Under the tide of globalization, most people in the loss of self, loss of identity, loss of self-confidence to not even know what the situation, what we talk about innovation? Perhaps this is the kind of shortage of the past 30 years we did not choose Way of the chase style modernization process, had to pay a painful price? further, Such an bow pull cart, do not look up the road temporarily to set aside the direction of the practice problems, perhaps we are faced with another huge gap between the objective When a last resort?

Achieve any goal, the price is always a certain degree unavoidable, the key is how to make the minimum to avoid unnecessary costs. Cf a phase of modernization of the West and the default target, at all costs, against all odds to advance following the lead of this CD-chase style modernization limitations, many people have begun to recognize the. We certainly do not go to the other extreme, back to the kind of things are within us, what our ancestors have, and what better than other conservative mindset and mental preparedness. This kind of mentality we take the initiative looks very stressed, but in essence is a kind of weak, loser, self-victim mentality. We need to do is stop the process of chasing, carefully think about these we would have to think about the question: where to go its own in the end, goals need to adjust; how to reach that goal, whether there is a variety of ways ; how to choose a least cost way to avoid turning back; and so on.

How to find a road of independent innovation, not just technology-related, not a noble character, it is impossible to have a good expert, not through history, culture and ideas of a broad humanistic perspective, and we alone will be hard to expect the technical depth, a riding driving into the distance. Independent innovation of Chinese enterprises are also more than just the problem, no education, science and technology, and cultural innovations such as deep-seated reform of Support, 涓?柟闈?no way we emphasize the humanistic heritage relying unable to inheritance, Lingyifangmian, independent innovation of enterprises will also loss of reserves and strategic depth of knowledge. A long period of time, most of our companies will continue to plague the bottom in the global value chain, no how. The reason is very simple, not the United States, the success of research universities, there will be across the ocean waves from the new technology wave; not France, Italy and splendid Renaissance, there would be these countries is almost the number of money sitting in the luxury industry; not Japanese culture, Japanese education team's proven, there would be Toyota's Japanese manufacturing miracle. China's reform and opening up 30 years in the economic sector, the business community for 30 years of tremendous change cheered when, educational, scientific and cultural remains monolithic, unwittingly, has become the most difficult to break through the old system, a strong fortress. Their enterprise level innovation support weak, Chinese companies will sooner or later, the Chinese economy into a bottomless abyss



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